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New Year, New Goals

Now that the new year is in full swing, I thought I would lay out some of my goals for the coming year, with one major theme running through them: intention.  I touched on it very briefly in the last post, but it is what I am molding my goals around.  I have plenty of yarn, and maybe even plenty of fiber, to last me the year and all of it I would love to be using.  This year, I will put all yarn buying on hold and only purchase very little fiber.  Instead, I will be focusing those funds on finishing paying off my student loans and putting the rest away towards M’s college fund.

That being said, there are a few projects I really want to do!

1.  I have promised a few sweaters that I want to complete, not only because I care about those whom I’ve promised them to, but also because each will challenge me just a bit more.

2. Finish combing and spinning the Jacob fleece I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool last May.

3. Knit the Jacob yarn into a sweater for myself.

4. Complete 12 pairs of socks for M.

Finally, I want to knit down my stash as much as possible without supplementing.  This means a lot of project planning and time spent on Ravelry comparing project ideas and yardage in my stash.  But let’s face it, sometimes, that’s the best way to spend a lazy evening at home.

Unlike last year, I will be attempting to keep to a weekly posting schedule to keep track of my progress and help motivate myself throughout the year.  That will mean complete honesty about any yarn and fiber purchases if I slip up and many posts that will involve “talking” through different potential projects.  This way, I’ll be held accountable for my crafting… and my spending.

I wish you all the best of luck with your goals for the year!

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2013 Wrap-Up

2013 seemed to go by in a blur of ups and downs.  I am hoping to keep a better handle on 2014 and make it a year full of more intentions.  While my professional life is keeping me very busy, I am determined to set aside time for knitting and spinning and continue to find ways to include my daughter in on the fun.

Last year, I purchased my first fleece, and M was there to help sort and wash it with me.  She also helped pick out my only purchases at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival (aka Rhinebeck) and guided (or dragged) me around the barns to visit with every sheep at least three times before we left.  She has a definite interest and still likes to treadle at the wheel, but I think her interests fall much more toward the fiber and spinning side of the spectrum and she has no interest in knitting or crocheting at this point.  I believe her words were: “But Mommy, you can just make it for me”.

However, because of her guidance, I had a wonderful time at Rhinebeck and was able to keep my spending down.


Saying hi to a newborn

Saying hi to a newborn


During the Ravelry and Podcaster meet-up she entertained herself, as well as a few unsuspecting passersby, with an enormous leaf pile of fun:

Bringing others in on the fun!

Bringing others in on the fun!

Enjoying a very brief moment

Enjoying a very brief moment

As Fall came to a close, I began seriously buckling down and trying to crank out my Christmas hand knits.  I didn’t attempt to complete nearly as many items as last year.  Instead, I focused on a couple special pieces that were themed according to their recipients.

"Tattered" scarf knit out of GnomeAcres "I Dream of Zombies" colorway.

“Tattered” scarf knit out of GnomeAcres “I Dream of Zombies” colorway.

"Zombie Teeth" shawl knit out of GnomeAcres "I Dream of Zombies" colorway.

“Zombie Teeth” shawl knit out of GnomeAcres “I Dream of Zombies” colorway.

I ended the year off by knitting and crocheting blankets in rapid succession.  Unfortunately, this has continued into the new year and I cannot seem to see the light at the end of the enormous-project tunnel.  One more blanket to finish and three sweaters to complete and I will be able to move on to less (self-imposed) “obligation” knitting.

Crocheted lap blanket

Crocheted lap blanket

Knit baby blanket

Knit baby blanket