A year in the life of….

Now that the new year has arrived, I have finally completed my list of goals for 2012, blogging included.  As knitters go, I am no different, I have outlined a year full of FOs and new techniques to learn and even new crafts to tackle.  The past year was a crazy one, culminating in getting a new job, putting my daughter (referred here as M) in a new daycare center, and moving to an apartment of our own, all within two and a half months.  Needless to say, my knitting goals were far from met.

This year, though, it will be different…. I will start early. I will ignore all of the mounting work to be done around the house.  I will pretend that I will have an hour lunch break to knit every day at work.  I will envision M going to bed at a reasonable time every night so that I have at least a good hour of knitting time before I PASS OUT.  I will succeed.

So what are these lofty goals? Here are just a few to get started.  After all, I wouldn’t want to reveal them all at once and actually be held accountable when I maybe slip-up a bit? Just in case.

I have dreams of Intarsia and Fair Isle, a double knit dress and coordinating jacket for my daughter, and designing an intricate, cabled shawl.  Though M will likely grow out of these items before I finish them, and let’s not really mention how I’ve never “designed” more than a basic hat in my life, these are attainable. Because this year will be different.

As you can now imagine, this blog will focus heavily on these goals and how, as a single working mother, I manage to juggle the day-to-day tasks and (ah-hem) complete all of these VERY reasonable goals.  I am a knitter, I can fantasize about completing anything.

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