Epic Twin Tweed Sweaters

They may have started off as part of an entire set.  There were hats, booties, even bibs that were brainstormed. These Ravelry searches and late-night swatch sessions left me pushing the deadline to complete the sweaters alone.  But I finally cast on and finished most of the first sweater.  Right before a little munchkin stole my pattern with all the notes necessary to complete the rest of the sweater and to make its twin!  Silly, M.

After stalling for a week trying to find the illusive piece of paper, I decided to re-print the pattern, tediously count rows and stitches, re-write all my notes and knit along. Of course my mother found the pattern in M’s room a few days before I cast off the second sweater.  However, they were completed, wrapped, and off to work in time for the baby shower for my colleague.

Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss knit up in Vanna's Choice Grey Marble tweed and Caron Simply Soft Black.

Buttons of perfection purchased at Uniquities in Vienna, VA

Up next on the needles is a cotton summer dress for M before I cast on for another baby gift… Friends: please stop making babies for a while.  Okay, thanks!

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