38 Days ’til Christmas

Projects in Progress: 6

Projects Complete: 4

Total Presents to Complete: 27

Finally, some progress! Truth be told: I just had to put aside the crochet hook for a moment.  Though I have grand ideas for the door decoration and crocheting is technically faster than knitting…. that’s only the case if you can crochet as long as you can knit.  Clearly, I cannot..

I have not completely given up on the door decoration, it just might not be ready by Thanksgiving.  However, while the project was in time-out today, I completed yet another cowl and cast on the first of five hats. Of course, as soon as the cowl was off the needles, I found it missing.  After putting M to bed, I found she had taken the time to pose one of her stuffed animals in the cowl – all ready for the finished project photos!

I think she nailed it!


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