22 Days ’til Christmas

Projects in Progress: 7

Projects Complete: 6

Total Presents to Complete: 23

I’m struggling.  Not with the idea that I have 17 projects left to complete.  I cannot seem to find the time to knit M’s Christmas presents. I want her to actually be surprised! How do you manage to surprise a three year old that seemingly never sleeps or plays by herself.  And she is aware.  So aware.  Each time she sees me with a new project she asks what I’m making and who it’s for.  I started her mitts last night, when I thought she was sleeping… only to have her walk into my room half asleep.  I was able to quickly throw it under the blanket before taking her back to her bed.  Even just a glimpse of the hot pink yarn would give away that it was finally a present for her.

Since she seems to be refusing to sleep, I am forced to only work on her presents while we are not together.. which leaves me only my lunch break.  I was hoping to have both mitts done tonight, but I only got through the first half of a mitt today.  I might risk pulling it out to finish a mitt and just having other projects next to me to distract her with if she decides sleeping is only for adults – which tends to be her mantra. That is, all adults except, well, me.

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