New Year, New Goals?

When I began this blog a little over a year ago, my intention was to direct it towards the life of a knitter through the perspective of a single parent.  It has certainly taken a few twists and turns, but that will remain the primary focus.  Moving into this year, I decided to take a quick look back at what M and I accomplished so as to better provide goals for the coming year.

In 2012, I learned to spin, M spun for the first time, and we both learned to share my crafting supplies a little more.  I managed to spin approximately 3,870 yards on my wheel (not including that spun on drop spindles) and gained a lot of confidence to take on different spinning skills in 2013.

I also knit over 8,000 yards and 38 projects.  I went through the year thinking my primary focus was lace, but looking back I knit more cables and cowls than anything else.

Since I am not they type to stick to well-defined goals very well, though there are some projects in my life I would like to tackle, I plan to keep my general crafting goals broad and more number-centered and less project-specific. By the end of the year, I would like to have spun at least 10,000 yards and knit at least 9,000 yards.  This may seem like a jump in spinning, but I did not spin on my wheel for the first three and a half months of 2012 and I was still just beginning.  I took it very slow at first and often took time between spinning projects.  I also took about a month and a half off at the end of the year to knit all the things for Christmas.

Finally, this year, gift knitting will not be saved for the last minute.  Throughout the year, I plan on knitting a variety of projects, be it baby sweaters, hat, cowls, shawls, mitts, everything.  This way, when a birthday sneaks up on me or a baby shower invite comes my way, I won’t be spending late nights knitting up last-minute projects.  More time, thought and love will be able to go into the gifts and there will be options and time to carefully choose each already-made present for the recipients. Thus, the recipient is likely to be happier (though I don’t believe anyone was unhappy this year) and I will enjoy each project even more.

Here’s to 2013 being more intentional!

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