Falling Back into Life

After almost 5 months of having plenty to write about and no energy to do it, I’m finally taking back my life.  Some people start to retreat when Fall and Winter come around, while I, apparently, come back to life.  I just find so many more possibilities with the coming cooler weather, not only creatively, but with my daughter as well.  But before jumping into my excitement about Fall, here’s a quick update on how the summer went:

A lot changed this summer, both personally and professionally, but I still managed to find some time to focus on my crafting.  I worked on learning a bit more crochet and made a few baby blankets to solidify these new skills.  Most importantly, I had the amazing opportunity to attend my first knitting retreat.  More to come on this experience in a future post.  For now, here are some highlights of my projects over the summer:


Hitchhiker by Martina Behm


Corridale Cross handspun


Springy Ring Mittens by Cathy Campbell


Fell in love with corespinning


First (double) crocheting in the round… not perfect, but it works!


Tour de Fleece spinning – Team LOOP!


First granny-square style blanket


Chloe Grace by Melissa Simpson

What’s up next? We are in the crazy process of moving, planning M’s birthday party and starting on Christmas knitting.  October might be a bit hectic, but it’s still one of the best months of the year!

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