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43 Days ’til Christmas

Projects in Progress: 6

Projects Complete: 3

Total Presents to Complete: 26

My goals for crafting presents this year are a bit lofty, but why stop there? I have planned and started a door decoration. That’s a mild way to describe it.  This is no standard wreath or small decorative piece.  This will cover our entire front door.  Every year, my apartment complex has a door decorating contest, the prizes being money to go towards your next month’s rent.  That’s a HUGE incentive.

We did alright last year, but kept the concept very simple using old wrapping paper rolled up and stacked to create the tree and then placed Christmas cards we had received over the last couple of years.  It was nice, but not what I had envisioned.

This year will be different.  Much different.  After buying an unnecessary ton of Red Heart Supersaver yarn in the red and green christmas colors to make M’s stocking three years ago, I have quite a bit left over.  I originally planned to knit the red and green background for my door, but after recently teaching myself to do simple crochet stitches, I’ve decided it will be much faster to crochet the background. After beginning the project last night…. I have the goal to finish the background by Saturday.




Tired of waiting yet? What’s the big plan?  Well, if you set aside my HORRIBLE drawing skills and use your imagination, you might just see what I’m going for here:


Though it is possible that my 3 year old can draw better than I can, I think you get the gist.  Everything will be knit or crocheted separately and stitched together.  I refuse to do intarsia, so I will be making simple shapes and pieces and make every piece build on another… So not only will it be awesomely handcrafted, but it will still have a very three dimensional feel.
Have I mentioned I want this done by Thanksgiving?


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45 Days ’til Christmas!

Though it is generally only acceptable to discuss the holiday season until after Thanksgiving, I am a crafter. My holiday gift list grows every day and an early start means I will only be a little bit rushed and crazy the week of Christmas.

Over the next 45 days, I plan to check in daily with my progress.  That means: FAMILY, NO PEEKING! Some family members already know about some of the planned gifts, but I have saved a few surprises.  I will attempt to speak, write, photograph and maybe even share a few videos keeping everything abstract and in code so I am less likely to completely spoil all of the gift giving fun.  But if you have a feeling crafted presents might be for you: please avoid any posts titled with the Christmas countdown.  Thank you!

As of now, here is the current breakdown of presents:

Projects in Progress: 6

Projects Complete: 3

Total Presents to Complete: 22

Over the course of the season, the total presents to complete may fluctuate as I decide to hold off on certain presents, or if I go on a crazy streak, I add more presents to the list.  Tomorrow’s update will clue you in on the types of projects I intend to make.

But I’d like to put a call out: What are you planning on crafting this holiday season?

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