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24 Days ’til Christmas

Projects in Progress: 7

Projects Complete: 5

Total Presents to Complete: 23

18 more projects in 24 days.  That’s not entirely accurate, since a few projects are acceptable to gift anytime before the new year, but it is still the goal.  Today, I completed a pair of ribbed fingerless mitts knit in two days.  Let’s just say, the other four pairs will not be ribbed.  2×2 rib slows me down way too much, especially since I knit with my right hand and purl with my left.

My goals for the coming week are:

-Complete the hat I start today… tonight.
-Complete an Arroyo Shawl
-Complete a Pedestrian Crossing Cowl
-Complete a 198 yds of Heaven Shawl
-Knit 3 more inches on my father’s sweater

How do I plan on accomplishing this in a week? The hat and cowl should each be done in a day. The two shawls I plan on completing in two to three days, while the three inches on the sweater will happen throughout the week, whenever I get a spare minute to knit some stockinette.  However, this plan all hinges on me being able to take lunch breaks at work this week… I’ll keep you posted on how well that goes.

Now that we are finally in December, is everyone on board and ready for the holidays?  We have some upcoming holiday events that we are very excited about.  What is getting you pumped and ready for the season?

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