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30 Days ‘Til Christmas

Projects in Progress: 6

Projects Complete: 5

Total Presents to Complete: 30

That’s right, people, we have one month. The lights may be hung, the tree trimmed, but what good is all of the holiday pretty if there are no packages under the tree? In all honesty, I am not completely present driven, as I truly believe in all that Christmas is about.  However, I adore gift giving.  Even when it’s not Christmas, I love the hunt for the perfect gift, whether store bought or handmade.

With M, I am trying to instill that same feeling toward the Christmas season.  We don’t focus so much on what she wants for Christmas, she’s three, she wants everything. Instead, I’ve been having her sit with me while browsing through Ravelry and pattern books, carefully selecting each project for it’s recipient. So far this seems to be working and it’s nice to get someone else’s input regarding what kind of presents the people in our lives would like.  When she doesn’t quite choose the most practical patterns, we switch over to choosing yarn for the projects.

In terms of progress, I have made some with a new wrap I started with some of the Black Friday yarn and did place the sleeves on waste yarn to continue with just the body of my father’s sweater.  I am hoping to have the wrap done by Wednesday and at least 5 more inches of the sweater’s body done by the end of the week.  That being said, I don’t want M to start to resent Christmas for taking up too much of my time.  Most of my knitting time is still being reserved for Sundays and at night after she’s in bed.

I hope everyone survived any Black Friday shopping and made it out for Small Business Saturday.  But if you are still scrambling, Cyber Monday is still to come… Let me know how you are enjoying the official start of the holiday season!

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35 Days ’til Christmas

Maybe it’s just me, but every Christmas there is a gift that I am uncertain about, no matter the reason.  Now that I’ve added knitting to my gift bags, it seems like there is always one project that doesn’t turn out right, or just doesn’t get finished in time.  Last Christmas, I had such a project.  It was suppose to be a pair of flip-top mittens for my brother-in-law.  I had the perfect yarn and I was so excited about them, but they were to be my first pair of adult mittens and made from a less-than-clear pattern.  I finally gave into the fact that I would not have these ready by Christmas, put them aside and knit him a hat instead (which M promptly destroyed and no one told me, so a replacement hat must be made as well).

I did tell him about the failure and decided I would have him try on the almost completed first mitten so that I could eventually finish them and be certain they would fit. I remember them being a touch big, but still measuring out how large the flip-top would need to be, with every intention to finish them.  Of course, they have sat for almost an entire year.  Upon pulling them out to finish the first and being the second I made the realization.  I am completely crazy.  THIS MITTEN IS ENORMOUS! The palm alone covers my entire hand! I have freakishly long fingers…. No human beings hand would fit in this, unless the flip-top was only one quarter of an inch tall.  It’s just ridiculous.  Let’s not even talk about the width.

Though I keep telling myself that this error is solely due to the fact that I didn’t try it on any male human during the process… I know that a lot of it has to do with the experience I have gained over the last year.  I am now at a point where I want things to, I don’t know, actually fit their recipient. Silly, I know, but everyone has their quirks.  So I’m frogging the mitten.  Since I have had a year apart from it… it won’t be too painful, but I need to start re-knitting soon if he is ever going to receive these mittens.  Otherwise, it is likely he will only get the replacement hat this year, pushing them off for another year, when I’m sure something else will go wrong.

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Progress Report

After finishing the epic Thin Ice shawl, I have pretty closely adhered to my casting on goals.  In order to keep my sanity regarding my stash, I have been pairing yarn with projects and actually starting each project.  This, of course, results in a lot in progress and not a lot completed.  Thus far, however, I have finished two preemie hats and a rather oversized cowl.

Basic Knit/Purl textured striping. Picture taken before blocking.

Glücksburg Cowl by Silke K. knit in Blue Sky Alpaca Techno in the Metro Silver colorway.

Presently, I do have quite a few projects still on the needles, some matched with their yarn, and other patterns printed out awaiting a final decision.  As for on the needles, I have a pair of mittens, a textured hat, and another shawl.  The mittens were part of my KAL obsession, but I fell way behind with the colorwork and I haven’t made it past the first mitten’s cuff.  I love the way they are knitting up… and I’m sure I will finish them by the time we actually have a winter.

Mittens For Me! by Laura Linneman. Knit in Knit Picks Stroll in the Blue Topaz and Fedora colorways.

The hat had moved to time-out for a bit when I realized that working up a hat using six double point needles just wasn’t reasonable.  It did give me a good excuse to head over to my LYS during my lunch break to pick up some new Addi Turbo Lace needles long enough to Magic-Loop the rest of the hat.  I’ve started the decreases and I should finish by tomorrow.  The textured pattern does show a bit more in person, but it’s a gift for a friend’s son who adores orange and I actually really like the pooling that the pattern is creating.

Vegamot by Guro Djupvik. Knit in Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Sport in the Eastern Market colorway.

Finally, I have started the Shaelyn as a quick and simple lace-charted shawl.  The pattern is simple and it has been my go-to easy knitting.  I haven’t had as much time to focus on it, since I have been trying to get the gift knitting completed, but I foresee this shawl coming off the needles next week.  I love the Sweet Georgia yarn I’m knitting it in and I actually dream about getting some serious knitting time with this shawl.  Literally, dream about it.

Shaelyn by Leila Raabe. Knit in Sweet Georgia Yarns Superwash Sport in the Tourmaline colorway.

As for future projects, I have two sweaters, three shawls and loads of baby shower gifts lined up.  Time to start my gauge swatches! 😉

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