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21 Days ’til Christmas

Projects in Progress: 7

Projects Complete: 6

Total Presents to Complete: 23

Although my numbers haven’t changed, I have been making loads of progress.  One of M’s fingerless mitts is complete, and the other should be finished today or tomorrow.  The shawl I am actively working on only has six more rows of the lace border before moving into the stockinette short row shaping, so this should also be finished tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I have gotten a few more rows of my fathers sweater done. All-in-all, I’m not too bad off.

Another thing to point out, though I have seventeen presents remaining, I am only knitting for twelve people.  I have completed presents for five of the twelve… so as long as I complete seven more projects by Christmas, everyone will have at least one present.  Seven isn’t nearly as bad as seventeen.  So my strategy at this point is to work my way through the presents I need to complete so that everyone on my list has a gift, then I will go back and complete the outstanding presents if there is time.  If not, maybe M and I will just make them a lovely handmade card to go with their gift… and pretend like that’s the same.

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