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31 Days ’til Christmas

Projects in Progress: 6

Projects Complete: 5

Total Presents to Complete: 30

Finally, I’ve had some sweater progress! Because I can knit my father’s Christmas present in front of him, his sweater has made some serious progress over the last three days. I have just four more rows… before I divide for the body.  I know.  There is a lot of this sweater left.  But once I divide the sleeves off and start working straight stockinette in the round, I’m certain it will go faster… I am completely counting on the idea that the purl rows are slowing me down right now as I work back and forth to create the buttonhole section of the henley.  This will totally be done by the new year.

I have definitely started thinking about what projects actually need to be finished, wrapped and under the tree by Christmas.  As for the others, I am planning my holiday season and visiting schedule around when I will be finishing their presents.  25 more presents in 31 days might not be humanly possible, especially since three of them are sweaters, but I’m sure by new years I can have everything done, right? Right.

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