January – A Month of Selfishness

After months preparing for Christmas and years of knitting for others, I am dedicating the entire month to myself.  This does not mean knitting items that will not be gifted in the future or go to M, but instead, knitting whatever strikes me at that moment.  So far, I have cast-on three new projects since Christmas and I have many more in mind.

First, and so far, most importantly, is the Thin Ice shawl by Laura Linneman of TheKnitGirllls Podcast.  I was eyeing this shawl when Laura was working on it on their video podcast and have wanted to knit it ever since.  So when Diane of the Knitabulls Podcast clearly read my mind and made it her January Knit-Along, I had to cast on immediately.  Though the pattern calls for a fingering weight yarn, I opted for a beautiful grey semi-solid lace-weight 100% merino wool that was in my stash. Viola’s Merino Lace in Raven is working up wonderfully in this pattern, giving just enough variation to show off but not compete with the pattern.  I have also learned to finally use lifelines in this project, note the bright green, blue and pink yarn going across the work.  I want my January knitting to be fun and intriguing, but laid back, knowing that any mistake can be easily fixed without hours of headache.

Next, I cast on a vest that has been in my Ravelry queue for as long as I’ve had a queue.  The Talia Vest by SweaterBabe is working up to be interesting, but a simple knit as everything except the bottom and front border is in stockinette.  However, this also means that if I have any real time to sit down and knit, this is not my go to project, so not a lot of progress has been made thus far.

After knitting a crib-size blanket for M last year, I have a few small skeins of a couple different colors of KnitPicks Shine Worsted, very soft, machine washable, Pima Cotton blend.  I decided that I would use these remnants to knit a small blanket using the same method as the larger blanket of knitting an original square and picking up stitches to make subsequent blocks around and around, but with few colors and knit until I run out of yarn.  This is my go-to M knitting.  That is to say, it is garter stitch, so I can put it down mid-row and pick it back up at any moment.  M can walk up and swat it to the floor and run all over it, and I won’t be bothered.  Not to mention, she knows it’s for her and her new baby doll that her aunt gave her for Christmas, so she has a bit of a vested interest in it’s completion.

Beyond these three projects, I have many a child, newborn, and soon-to-be-newborn to knit for. Typically, one might see this as a burden and not very selfish knitting.  But none of these projects have deadlines, as none of the parents are aware of my intensions and the babies aren’t due any time soon.  I am just excited to knit small, quick projects that will give me a sense of productivity and will cut through some of my stash!  The best part, if I get bored with ANY of these projects, no one will stand in my way of putting them down and casting on something new.  I love being selfish.

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