Stash Display

In my attempts to organize and decorate before hosting a small “housewarming” party, a month and a half after moving in, I found myself continuously coming back to my stash, mainly to procrastinate.  I have these dreams of how to decorate my bedroom with a corner completely devoted to my knitting.  I already have a comfy love seat set up next to a small cabinet that is currently PACKED to over-flowing with yarn, not to mention the stash that is stored in many ottomans scattered throughout the apartment.  But the room is completely white.  White walls, white carpeting, white love seat…. I have managed to hang one very small piece of art on the far wall from this crafting corner, but this rest is so uninspiring:

For weeks, I have been revisiting my stash.  Reorganizing it in the cabinet and desperately trying to decide how to bring the color of the yarns out from their hiding.  My current thoughts include bringing an old, somewhat falling-apart, bookcase in from my living room and trading out the cabinet.  This way, I will have a shelf in the middle where I can store my laptop, router, phone, etc, and the rest of the bookcase can hold my stash, knitting books and tools.  I can use various clear vases and canisters to store the yarn and needles so that everything can be displayed.  I also want to knit swatches to frame and hang on the wall behind the love seat.  No, not just the typical gauge swatches, but large squares featuring different patterns of lace and cables.  Not only will this bring color, but also texture to the plain walls.

Now, my only problem is: How do I keep my two-year old, very curious daughter from unraveling every skein of yarn she can reach?!  I’ll be sure to post pictures throughout the process!

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