Summer Wrap-Up

Let’s face it, crafters tend to be competitive… even when it’s only with ourselves.  I had heard about the previous events corresponding with the Olympic games and I was prepped and ready to attack several small projects over the course of the games.

I was able to cast on my first project during the mass cast-on when the Olympic Opening Ceremony began and stayed up late working on my hat during the U.S. airing of the ceremonies, with assistance of a friend who came over to watch the ceremonies.  The hat was complete the next day.  This was potentially the fastest I have ever completed a project.  In an attempt to keep up the momentum, I quickly entered my hat in the events it qualified for and cast on my next project.


Quick Cable Slouch Hat by Azure

I completed my second project in record time as well.  This lacy cowl is knit flat and closed with two buttons.  As soon as I had the pattern memorized, it flew off the needles.


Frosted Glow by Melynda Bernardi

Then I started getting ambitious.  A shawl.  Though, in my defense, I had heard many people discuss what a quick knit this pattern is and how they finished it in about a week.  I didn’t have such luck and slowly lost steam.  In the long run, I’m glad I slowed down on it as I wanted to add beads to the edging and make it a little more special.  It was my first beaded project and completing the only row of beading took me an entire day’s worth of knitting time.


The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief by Orange Flower

As the summer comes to a close, I am glad to report that I succeeded in reaching and surpassing my Stash Dash goal of 1,800 grams with a total of 1,984 grams knit and spun.  Though I had even bigger plans for the number of projects I wanted to complete, considering we had an insanely hot and humid summer, I’d say my productivity wasn’t too bad.  Now that Fall is on its way, I have decided to cast on everything…. all at once.

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