9 Days ’til Christmas

Projects in Progress: 1

Projects Complete: 14

Total Presents to Complete: 20

The counts have changed quite a bit to accurately reflect what will actually be completed for Christmas. The three sweaters that the recipients knew about and previously okayed receiving after the holidays have been removed from the count, along with a shawl that has stalled out a bit, and one hat has been added.

The remaining six projects include: two pairs of mitts, two hats (one in progress and to be finished tonight), one pair of slippers and one shawlette.

Each of the hats will take one night. The pairs of mitts and the shawl, I am providing two nights for each. The pair of slippers will take one night, as did the other pair, and the two pairs will be felted together on the 22nd while I work on another project.

This is happening and the chaos hasn’t taken away from my love of the holidays, which is always a plus. I hope your holidays are going well!

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