4 Days Left!

A quick note before I get back to the knitting: felting by hand = the worst back pain… and I’ve gone through labor.

I have three projects left to knit, one that I’m nearly finished with, another pair of felted slippers (because I found felting the first pair to be so enjoyable) and a small shawlette (potentially to be given any time before the New Year).

Though the amount of knitting I have done in the past month and a half has been insane, surprisingly enough, I haven’t found myself stressed. Aiming high and readjusting as time passed seemed to work for me. Not to mention the awesomeness of already giving some of the gifts to coworkers and seeing how happy they were has totally motivated me to keep pushing these last few days.

Tomorrow, we pack up and drive the, roughly, 15 miles to my parents’ where we will be spending Christmas. I will post again after the festivities with a more details regarding each present made.

Happy Holidays!!!

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