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37 Days ’til Christmas

Projects in Progress: 6

Projects Complete: 4

Total Presents to Complete: 30

What’s your crazy? This question is starting to pop up everywhere in the knitting community, all spawning from a KAL (Knit-along) put on by The Fat Squirrel Speaks and the Stockinette Zombies podcasts.  Some people are responding by casting on every project in sight, others are trying their hand at monogamous knitting.  Though I clearly have a few crafting crazies at the moment (including a project that is slowly turning into a decoration doom), my current crazy is continuing to add more projects to my plate for the holidays.  Beyond that, I’m even turning one project idea into something more complicated: cowls are becoming shawls, a simple hat is becoming a hat, mitten and scarf set…. I just cannot seem to stop planning more and more projects.

It would be one thing if I was at least working in the logical order of completing my immediate family’s presents first… but no.  My daughter’s teacher’s present is done though.  So are a couple gifts for my coworkers.  Most of my works-in-progress are for my family, and a couple are close to completion… of course I’m not working on them now.  These will probably be the gifts keeping me up all Christmas Eve to sew on the last button and weave in all the ends… maybe even knit the last remaining stitches.  Though I know I have a list prioritizing all of the projects left to knit… clearly I need to actually read the list… or hire someone to beat me over the head before I start another project that is not for my family.  Both are valid ideas.

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39 Days ’til Christmas!

Projects in Progress: 6

Projects Complete: 3

Total Presents to Complete: 27

That’s right, we have less than 40 days to get all of our shopping, baking and crafting completed.  I may still have quite a lot of knitted projects to go, but I’m actually on schedule.  Looking at the numbers, though, that sounds crazy.  However, 3 of the 6 cowls are finished. One of the sweaters is half way done and another has about the first fourth completed.  The first of two shawls is nearly complete, I only need to attempt to purchase more yarn for the edging and to bind off.  In all, the major, time-consuming projects are well on their way.

The other projects I am attempting to complete will either have simpler patterns or a bulkier yarn so as to make them quicker knits.  Though I am keeping a list and re-prioritizing and redrawing out my schedule nearly every other day, just to reassure myself that I can finish everything in time… I am definitely feeling the pressure.  Especially since the door decoration seems to have slowed down to an intolerable pace…. More to come on that this weekend.

I hope your Thanksgiving preparations are going well! Pretty soon it will be normal for everyone to be talking about Christmas!

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